The United States Replica Gun Company
P.O. Box 301 Palmerton, Pennsylvania U.S.A. 18071


The Colt M4 Rifle Custom Gun Shop

We Will Build you your Replica M4 Rifle, the way YOU want it.

The US Replica Gun Company Builds the finest M4 Replicas for the Movies, Private Collectors.  These are also in service with the United States Military, and various counter terrorist agencies for training.  These M4 Rifles are all metal, and super realistic. These replica guns are INDISTINGUISHABLE FROM THE REAL THING EVEN UNDER CLOSE INSPECTION!


Any Accessory you can fit to a real M4 Rifle will fit on these, and we will custom build them just how you like.




We have three Basic Guns Listed Below, The RGC-001, the RGC-002, and the RGC-003, and from there, the options are limited only bu your imagination, and parts availability.







Pictured at Right:

Basic Gas Block Options


This is our Basic M4 Rifle Shown with Folding front sight, and Polished Bolt.......Bolt Polishing is a FREE SERVICE we offer at RGC, and the additional of the folding front sight was only 30 bucks........That's what the part costs us, so that't what the part will cost you....The labor?  That's also no additional cost.  We say this all the time at RGC, but we're collectors too, and we're not out to gouge our customers with inflated labor charges, and a markup on parts.





Pictured at Right:

A Custom M4 with a few basic options.