The United States Replica Gun Company
P.O. Box 301 Palmerton, Pennsylvania U.S.A. 18071

                                                                                                             June 14th, 2024

Dear Loyal U.S. RGC Customers,

          It pains me deeply to write this.  Due to staffing issues, and current physical limitations, RGC will no longer be operating under full capacity.  Guys, I am the guy who builds the cool stuff, and I am currently unable to do so, at least at full capacity.  I will need 2 months recovery time.  I have been fighting issues for the past two years and striving valiently to keep going.  I am hoping the Autumn will find me in fighting trim, in good spirits, and able to continue building the wonderful guns we are so famous for.  So.....

          Right Now, Heavy Machine guns are off the table with some exceptions, but handguns are fine....Most rifles too.  Again, I am facing limitations right now, and will have to pick and choose what, if any, orders I can fill.

          Email with your specific request.  As of this moment, I have some Fifty Cal's to complete (That I should not be doing) and a few smaller orders as well.  New orders will be severely limited, and take a little longer to complete.

          I am sorry for the inconvenience, and again, I hope to be back in the saddle by October.


G. Vincent Caprio

Owner U.S. RGC