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 Law Enforcement Rubber Training Guns!

WOW!!  Are these things Awesome!

          The Rubber guns listed for sale at RGC will become the new industry standard within the next 5 years.  I am sure of it.  These new training weapons have raised the bar for all "Rubber Ducks" very high.  The guns are brand new, and they will change the market forever. Even as new as they are, they have already been embraced by the U.S. Military, and other foreign military agencies. These Guns are MADE IN THE U.S.A., and RGC is quite proud to be able to offer them to both the Law Enforcement Community, and the Private Collector.

          Just a breif note here: I have been collecting replica guns since the 1960's.  Real guns since the 1970's, and have been a Gunsmith since 1983.  I have worked with real and replica guns all of my life.  I've seen many good products over the years, but it is quite rare indeed when I can tell you that not only is a product excellent, but that it sets a new standard, and will change the market forever. So these new training guns are very exciting indeed.                

          Our Military, and our Law Enforcement Community have been using the same products from the same 2 companies for decades.  The Companies known as "Blue Guns", and "Red Guns" have made solid dummy guns for SWAT and Military training for years.  They have also been used extensively at gun shows by vendors using them to highlight their accessories.  Here is the Problem: The Products from both companies are made from a super brittle resin, and they break way too easily.  In fact, it’s this constant replacement that has kept those 2 companies in business for years!  Did you ever notice that every Blue Gun you see at a trade show, highlighting a scope, or other attachment is broken or chipped in some way?  Why?  Because those guns are made using the cheap technology of Silicone Molds.  Molds that wear out within 30 usages.  Silicone molds provide great detail, you can even read a serial number off a silicone-molded gun, but the rest, not so good.  The resin is brittle, and the silicone molds offer no way to center any sort of internal strengthening structure.  Blue guns use a thin metal rod in their rifles, but this rod doesn’t really do much when a gun is dropped.  It's too thin, and offers no protection from cracking even under light strain from minor "Flexing".  Red Guns use a wooden rod for internal support, and those are obviously far worse. The rods, whether wood or metal, are dropped into the mold, and settle in the mixture.  Those thin rods are neither consistent in their placement, nor sturdy in any real way.  A minor drop will easily break the barrel on those guns.  The Bottom line is this: The quality of Blue and Red Guns are sub-par for their intended use.  

Good News.........The Solution has finally arrived.

          We are offering an entirely new line of solid rubber dummy guns.  They are not made from cheap silicone molds, but they are made utilizing CNC made aluminum molds, and the most advanced manufacturing equipment available.  What are some of the advantages?  Well, these types of molds allow for 2 critical improvements.           

          The first advantage of these rubber guns is that they can be made of a true poly-carbonate.  A silicone mold can’t handle this type of compound.  The rubber formula used is a proprietary blend that is amazingly durable.  We know, because these guns have already been run over by fully loaded (60,000 lb.) tractor-trailers!  The guns were scratched, but neither seriously marred, nor broken. There were no chips either.  I have routinely throw my sample M4 against a cinder block wall as hard as I can in durability demonstrations.  (The Younger men toss it even harder) but still, only minor gouging occurs.  A similar demonstration with a "Rings" made "Blue Gun" completely destroyed the item.  So our new guns are virtually indestructible.  Furthermore, if down the road, you wanted to add another rail or accessory, these guns can be drilled.  Resin cannot ever be drilled.           

          The second, and most important advantage of this superior technology in manufacturing is that because the molds are Aluminum, the guns can have a very large diameter steel rod precisely inserted into the mold, as thick as the barrels of the guns they replicate. The guns are then over-molded!  What this means, is that essentially, the solid steel barrels run from muzzle to butt-plate and offer, not only added realism through the additional weight and balance, but a rigidity that no other training gun has ever enjoyed.  EVER!......YOu Couldn't get a stronger design.  See the picture below: The Blue line represents the solid steel barrel/internal support of all of the inline stock design rifles.

          These guns have already been tested and approved by International Military Units, and are already in Service with the US Military.  When you see the quality of these training weapons, and feel the heft, you will know that you have a gun that will last a lifetime, and outlast 10 lifetimes of the Blue and Red Guns.                   

          As if all this weren’t enough, these guns were designed with the provision of a property tag or company logo mold insert.  So, if you want your guns to have your corporate logo, or Department Property stamp molded right into the receivers, we can do that.  Let us know, we can do pretty much anything.  Having your guns permanently marked with a logo or something like “Property of [Your City] Police Department” is a definite plus.   

          These guns have all the rails you need to attach your favorite accessories, and can be molded in any color you choose. We can make these in Black, Blue, Red, Olive Drab, Desert Tan, and yes, even Pink.  I can’t say enough about these new guns, and as I mentioned before, these guns will become the new industry standard within the next 5 years. They are that good.  For an up to date list of the models currently available click HERE:



G. Vincent Caprio,

The United States Replica Gun Company